Episode 11: The myths and realities of e-invoicing.

Hey, AP ninjas!

In this podcast, John Wallace – CEO of Documation & Jamie discuss how invoicing has changed through the years.John Wallace is the CEO of Documation and is a widely recognised thought-leader in the field of finance process automation and transformation, with a particular focus on AP. 
In this in depth episode John puts all the confusion regarding e-invoicing to rest, clarifying what exactly e-invoicing is, where it starts and where it ends and the formatting issues some have experienced.

Top quotes from John Wallace

“80-90% of all invoices received are on email.”
‘’With a true E-invoice, what we’re doing is essentially transferring data rather than a document directly from the supplier to the buyer.‘’
‘’We understand the landscape and we can help people understand what’s out there and see what’s fit for purpose from the particular view of their business.’’
“Governments around the World are using e-invoicing to close the tax loophole.”

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