Episode 12: Be the missionary in your organisation.

Hey, AP ninjas!

After working in the finance and treasury departments of several large companies Mary Schaeffer turned to writing and consulting full time, becoming an incredibly recognisable name in the world of AP.

In this podcast, Mary and Jamie discuss the latest AP technologies and the importance of staying up to date to ultimately become a missionary in your organisation.

Top tips from Mary Schaeffer

“If you can learn a little bit about blockchain which I think is coming at us, artificial intelligence, RPA, if you can learn about these impact the Accounts Payable function, you’ll have given yourself that little bit of an edge, and we all need that edge to kind of get to the next level. So you can be the missionary in your organisation pushing forward with this”

“Go to Youtube, put the words in “accounts payable ai” “accounts payable RPA” some of those little videos are not that long and read!”

“Don’t be scared if you are! It’s a world of opportunity out there, there’s a lot of change coming, learn all about it and be part of it!”