Episode 15: Is your iceberg melting?

AP ninjas!

In this episode of AP Talks, Jamie is joined by Julia Stovold, Documation’s Marketing manager for an in-depth discussion on how automation continues to change the AP department. 

Documation’s family of consultants, developers, account managers and support team are experts in the field of document management and business process automation. 

“But where does that leave the AP/P2P teams? The team are going to undergo a ‘role rethink’ and not everyone is going to be happy about it!”

Julia also explores the 6 Key elements of The Fears of Change: Denial, Anger, Fear, Insecurity, Sense of Loss and Loss of Identity

“Automation will change the landscape of the AP / P2P teams, there will always be people who are change resistors and may never get on board, but to balance this there will be passionate advocates of the change too”