Episode 3: Passionate about People, Process and Technology with Stewart Griffiths

This week’s podcast is with Stewart Griffiths. Stewart is the Payments Manager at Bio Products Laboratory, passionate about people, process and technology and he is a recognised industry contributor.
With over twenty years experience working in transactional finance, Stewart has a proven track record of developing teams and implementing robust processes for businesses like Green & Black’s Chocolate and fashion retailer White Stuff. His goals for 2019 are to engage more with fellow industry peers to better understand the challenges the world of AP is facing and offer his advice and support whenever possible.

As AP managers we need to continue to grow, continue to learn. I’m always jumping on webinars, one every two weeks, maybe one a week. I think we must continue to understand what is out there, to understand how it can benefit us […] For me learning is a key thing.

If you want to get in touch with Stewart you can look him up on Twitter or Linkedin.