Episode 6: Creating your personal brand in AP with Daniel Ricardo

Hi, there AP wizzards!

Our podcast today is with Daniel Ricardo and we are talking about creating your personal brand. Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and is the Director of a small (8 strong team) Online Marketing agency concentrating on delivering effective Inbound Marketing strategies. Strategy Plus has been delivering online marketing solutions since 1997 for all kinds of businesses, from start-ups to multi-nationals. 

Daniel also enjoys boxing and promoting Jewellery Quarter!

Here are some tips from Daniel:

Perception multiplied by reach will give you the value of your personal brand. That basically means what do people think of you when they hear your name, see your face, what instantly comes to their mind? And you have to try and manage those perceptions as well as you can.

If you’re not necessarily comfortable self promoting try to align yourself with a project or a campaign tht you do feel passionate about and again does have some kind of alignment with what it is that you do.

Write a bio for yourself now, what’s it say about you now? And then try and imagine a bio for yourself in 5 years. What do you want in that bio to actually say? And then how are you going to work your way up to that?

Be honest to yourself.

So, authenticity and a clear voice are what we need!