Episode 9: The Road to Automation with Rod Chadwick

Hey, AP ninjas!

We have a new podcast for you and today our guest is Rod Chadwick the Head of Process Simplification at Royal Mail.

Rod was a speaker at our Conference last year and promised to come over this year too. It will be quite interesting to see how much he progressed in his task.

Top tips for our audience from Rod Chadwick

I think the top tip really is first and foremost just to have a go because you can do a trial on this at a very low cost […] The biggest lesson we had was just by having a go, and getting it wrong, and learning from it. Also, don’t underestimate the Change Management aspects of it, […] we’ve had a comms professional who’s helped us to put a strategy together in terms of stakeholder engagement, planning ahead very carefully who you need to talk to, how the messages get delivered, in what format, and in what sort of shape and time.